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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tickets guaranteed?

Yes, once purchased, your name is added to Alcatraz Cruises official manifest for your specified date and time.

What is the ticket pick-up process?

Your Big Bus tickets and Alcatraz voucher are picked up at our shop on Pier 41.

When can I pick up my Big Bus Tickets and Alcatraz voucher?

Your Big Bus and Alcatraz Tickets can be picked up at the shop between 9 am - 2 pm. Feel free to call the shop at 1-800-252-2872 if you have questions or would like to confirm your pick-up time.

Where do I take the ticket voucher?

You'll take the ticket voucher to Alcatraz Landing on Pier 33. Then go to the Group Services counter to redeem your official Alcatraz Tickets.

When do I need to use the Bus Ticket(s)?

You have 1-year from the pick-up date to use your Big Bus Ticket.

Where is The Shop?

Alcatraz Combo Tours & Souvenirs Shop is on Pier 41 in San Francisco.

The exact address is 41 Vallejo - San Francisco Pier 41, San Francisco, CA 94133. Click here for the Google map.

Can I get same day tickets?

At this time, the soonest you can order tickets from our shop is 4 or more days in advance. Be sure to book early!

How long is the ferry ride to Alcatraz?

The Ferry Ride takes approximately 20 minutes each way. The Ferry to Alcatraz Island departs from Alcatraz Landing on Pier 33 and it's best to arrive 30 minutes early to ensure a smooth journey.

How long can I stay on the Island?

On average, visitors stay on the island for 2-4 hours. Once on the island, you are free to take the audio tour at your pace, and stay on until the last ferry. Ferries leave approximately every 30 min. The last departing ferry for day tours is 6:30 pm and 9:25 pm for night tours.

Cancellation policy:

To receive a full refund on your Alcatraz Combo Tour Pack, you must email or call us at least 4 days (96 hours) before your Alcatraz Tour Date.