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What to know when buying Alcatraz Tour Tickets

Finding out where to buy Alcatraz tickets can be confusing, especially in the popular tourism months.

Don't worry, though! We are here to help answer all your questions about the tours to Alcatraz Island. Here's an overview to understand the process.

Who operates the tour to Alcatraz?

The official Alcatraz tour operator is a company called Alcatraz CityCruises - Their boats are the only way to go to and from the island. The boats depart from Pier 33, also known as Alcatraz Landing.

Where can I buy tickets for Alcatraz?

You can purchase tickets from two different sources. Either from an authorized reseller website similar to Alcatraz Combo Tours or the Alcatraz CityCruises official website.

How do I know who an Authorized Reseller is?

Authorized Resellers have to sell Alcatraz tickets 10+ days in advance and sell the tour as part of a package.